Akkeshi 'Boshu' season ' Sowing of the Grain' Single Malt Japanese Whisky (700 ml)

Located in Japan’s northern most island of Hokkaido and further east than any other distillery in the country, production at Akkeshi Distillery started in 2016. The town of Akkeshi has a cool, moist climate with frequent rolling sea fog that blankets the town coming off the marshes of the Bekan-Beushi wetlands. Fog and marshes like these are indispensable to the production of whisky with similar characteristics to Islay malts. Operating in this bountiful natural environment, Akkeshi Distillery will be a sustainable enterprise in harmony with nature. The goal of Akkeshi Distillery is to blend traditional Scottish methods with the unique flavors of Akkeshi, Japan.

This is the third installment of the Akkeshi whiskey "24 solar terms series". Enjoy the early summer with malt grown while listening to the tides of Akkeshi Bay.

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