Rare Character Single Barrel Hand Selected by Joe C for No Us Without You Bourbon (750 ml)

Our friends Damian Diaz and Othón Nolasco started No US Without You on March 19, 2020. Their mission was and still is to support disenfranchised & displaced hospitality workers who lost their jobs in the pandemic. Amazingly they are still able to feed an entire family of 4 for $33 per week. So we've priced each of these bottles to include $33 of profit and we're donating that $33 to No US Without You. This means that every bottle of this Bourbon that we sell feeds an entire family for a week. It's the very definition of win-win.
And, to make it even more special, this bottle is part of the most exciting new American Whiskey project right now. Another friend of ours, Pablo Moix, started releasing Rare Character just about a year ago and it's not an exaggeration to say that it changed the face of American Whiskey. We had two single bottles (1 Rye & 1 Bourbon) from Rare Character last December & they sold faster than you can imagine.
Please note that due to the charitable nature of this barrel, no discounting is possible. We very much appreciate your understanding & generosity.

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